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By Dermatology Associates of Seattle


What is the procedure?
The Photofacial BBL and Forever Young BBL treatment is a broadband light that is attracted to the dark pigmentation of brown discoloration on the skin. This light draws it towards the surface of the skin and eventually out altogether. When treating redness the laser setting is attracted to the hemoglobin and heats up the tiny vessels to the point where they collapse and the blood retreats. This provides a clearer, smoother complexion which will smooth out your skin tone and improve texture.

By Dermatology Associates of Seattle

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Female Rejuvenation has become a hot topic this year because of the addition of a non-invasive radiofrequency therapy called THERMIva. You may have seen the treatment on television or read about celebrities currently endorsing it. Many women wonder how will their life improve, can they afford it and is it worth it?

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