We do a lot to our brows to make them look just so. We visit Brow Bars, tweeze, pluck, thread, sugar, wax, and apply makeup pencils, brow gel, brushes and balms. So many steps are available to achieve that Instagram perfect brow line.

Why not actually “wake up like this?

With Microblading you can wake up and go to sleep with your permanent custom brows! You may have heard the name before "microblading" or "permanent makeup." However, each of these methods produces a different result and brow effect.

Microblading is the art of imbedding pigment into the skin using a micro blading pen. The pen almost resembles a makeup brush with micro needles on the end to create hair-like brush strokes. This makes the most natural looking brow style.

Permanent makeup is performed with a tattooing pen, similar to micro needling. The tattooing pen creates a more solid ink deposit and is best used when creating a lash enhancement or semi-permanent eye liner. Although some technicians will use the pen in a tapping method to create a shaped brow.

The process for Microblading takes a couple appointments and about a total of three hours. Your first appointment is a cosmetic consultation with Dermatology Associates of Seattle’s Master Aesthetician, Janell Bailey. During this consultation you will spend the better part on an hour discussing your dream brows. You will go over the shape and detail that you would like and can even bring in photographs of your goal brows!

The second appointment is about two hours and will consist of numbing the treatment area followed by the treatment performed by one of our master aestheticians. At Dermatology Associates of Seattle we also offer the add-on option of Pro-Nox which is a self-administered nitrus/oxygen mixture to assist with anxiety during cosmetic and medical procedures. When your first treatment is complete your brows will appear darker for a few days while they are healing. In about a month you may return for one complimentary touch up, if needed. Ink tends to stay longer on patients with dryer skin types causing oily patients to need more frequent touch-ups.

“When your brows are missing you know, but you get used to seeing yourself without them. But when you have them again, it changes everything! They frame your face. Total game changer!” states Bailey. “Everybody wants brows!”