What is the best fuel for your body? My patients often ask me what they should or shouldn’t be eating.

In my opinion, the best fuel for your body depends on three things:
1: Knowing what area of your health you need to prioritize.
Do you need to reduce inflammation? Do you need to sleep better? Do you need to perform better at work or school? Do you need to lose weight? Do you need to run faster? Do you need to be less stressed? There are well-researched foods and clinical nutrition protocols that specifically target improving outcomes for certain issues.

2: How well you digest the food.

3: The quality of the food or supplement.

Take for instance protein powder or foods that contain it. Whether it’s energy bars, meal replacement shakes or smoothies, protein powders are in many foods we regularly consume. How would you choose between whey, beef or a vegetarian protein? For certain individuals with insufficient digestive capabilities, animal protein can be a more absorbable form of nutrition. This source may be the fuel you need until you build your digestive strength. On the other hand, if you suffer from iron deficiency anemia, soy protein can interfere with iron absorption. Picking the right type can make all the difference in how your body uses it.

Before you start incorporating a functional food or supplement into your diet, consult a clinical nutrition expert who can give you the most educated guidance on delivering the best outcome for you.

You don’t want to do and eat the same thing day after day, year after year. You need to regularly reassess the health challenges you may face. Our ancestors lived by these principles this way and so should we.

The above is a photo of me in June after I finished a trail run on beautiful Taylor Mountain just outside of Seattle. I’m convinced that sticking to optimal nutritional habits helps over the years.