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Feeding the Good Bugs

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are sugars that pass right through your stomach and land into your intestines. Here, they function as food for your good bacteria (probiotics) and yeast. FOS help to digest food, clean up your system and improve your immune response. Who doesn’t like a clean and efficient system? . . .

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What are Neuromodulators?

The most common use of these neuromodulators is for correcting creases in the skin caused by repeated muscle movement. Repeated muscle movement creases the skin in much the same way that your letter of becomes creased. The difference is that since your skin is a living organ, if you correct for the cause of the creases, the creases will improve or go away. . . .

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Why not actually “wake up like this?"

We do a lot to our brows to make them look just so. We visit Brow Bars, tweeze, pluck, thread, sugar, wax, and apply makeup pencils, brow gel, brushes and balms. So many steps are available to achieve that Instagram perfect brow line. . . .

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