Conditions: Birthmarks

What are birthmarks and are they dangerous?

Just about everyone you know has a pigmented spot (mole, nevus) on their face or body and some of these are present from birth. The vast majority of these occur after birth, and there is some evidence that they occur with sun exposure. Typically they can range from lesions that are barely noticeable to ones that are socially distracting or even disfiguring. Sometimes these moles can be linked to more serious medical conditions, so it is essential to have them checked at some point.

What’s the risk of not treating them?

Pigmented birthmarks can sometimes change over time to skin cancer, so it’s important to evaluate them if any changes are noted or if any new lesions appear that seem to be different than the rest. There are various other pigmented birthmarks which can be a manifestation of an underlying genetic condition, so it’s important to have those evaluated as well. Finally, there are vascular birthmarks which usually start out being red or pink in color. These lesions may fade over time, but the usual course is for them to get darker and lumpier as time goes on. Removal of or treatment of these birthmarks by various procedures can be done at Dermatology Associates of Seattle. This offers both peace of mind, and a solution to anyone worried about the distraction their birthmark is causing.

Birthmark solutions provided by Dermatology Associates of Seattle:

Certified Experts: Our certified medical personnel are experts in the management of skin conditions and experienced in the use of lasers and IPL devices. Pigmented moles on the face can usually be removed without leaving any noticeable mark or scar with a CO2 laser. One treatment is all that’s required. The red or vascular birthmarks are removed with a special laser. The treatments are gentle, safe and effective but need multiple treatments to clear the lesion. There is no recovery time necessary for this procedure, and it is safe to use in all areas of the body including the scalp, face arms, chest, back, legs and hands.
Top Tier Medical Support: Our board-certified dermatologists and top-tier medical personnel can help clear up unsightly birthmarks while also evaluating optimal skin health with minimal discomfort and using state-of-the-art procedures tailored for every skin type.

How do I get started with my Birthmark removal?

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