Frequently Asked Questions

General dermatology, nutrition and acupuncture appointments are usually covered by insurance but copayments are due at time of service. Cosmetic consultations are free for existing patients. New patients will be charged $175 that will be applied towards any cosmetic treatments received within 90 days.
Typically you can be seen within 2-3 days but contact our office to determine availability. We will do our best to schedule same day appointments when urgent.
We offer limited prescriptions on site but most prescribed medications will be sent to your preferred pharmacy for pick-up.
Yes, we often have monthly specials which you can view here.
There are many reasons why Dermatology Associates of Seattle is different from other dermatology practices and medical spas. We employ board certified doctors with extensive experience and knowledge in Dermatology. Our master aestheticians are constantly learning the newest technologies and perform all services under the supervision of our certified doctors. Because we have over a dozen different lasers and devices, we can tailor your treatment to your specific needs. DAS is one of the largest clinical research facilities in the northwest so we can offer treatments before they become available to other physicians. We are one of only a small number of clinics to offer phototherapy for our psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo patients. Finally, it is our constant desire to offer not only the best treatments but the best service for our patients. Read more about our standards and practices
We accept most major insurances. Please check with your insurance company by calling the number on the back of your insurance card. They can tell you if we are in network and if a referral is needed.

Payment for any deductibles and co-payments is due at the time of service.
Please note that health insurance plans do not cover procedures that are not medically necessary, which typically includes all cosmetic procedures.

Patients that receive treatments by a physician not participating in their plan will be responsible for full payment at the time of service. For patients that qualify for “out of network” benefits we will either provide the necessary documentation for submitting an “out of network” claim or, if we have the ability to do so electronically, will submit such a claim on their behalf. Health insurance plans vary on their coverage of out of network treatments and may provide only partial reimbursement of our fees. You can read more about our billing and insurance guidelines
Q: Will my visit be covered by insurance?
A: There are many factors that determine how your insurance processes and pays claims. Please contact your insurance company to see if Dermatology Associates of Seattle is within your network, what services will be covered and if you have met your deductible requirements.

Q: Why am I receiving additional invoices from my visit?
A: Lab tests and/or pathology specimens sent to outside laboratories will be billed separately from Dermatology Associates charges. The laboratory service will bill your insurance for their services.
You can request your medical records be released by filling out and signing the form attached and email to To download an Authorization For Release From, click here.
Dermatology Associates of Seattle accepts most major forms of credit card payments and also offers credit options provided interest free (for up to 1 year) through (Alphaeon) financing. To pay your bill online, click here.

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