Microneedling is a technique where a device is used to make tiny perforations in the skin.

This can serve several different purposes. One can use very short needles on a roller at home. This works by allowing better penetration of active ingredients in various topical agents you would apply right after the microneedling.

In our office, we use needles which can go deeper into the skin. This allows us not only to get better absorption of actives we may apply, but the treatment also causes new collagen and elastin formation, improving surface lines, wrinkles and dark spots. A topical numbing cream is used before the treatment.

Microneedling uses no heat unlike laser treatment. This means that there is less downtime after microneedling, less likelihood of temporary darkening of the skin-especially in darker skinned people. The trade off is that more treatments may be required to obtain the expected result..

Peter Jenkin, MD, FRCPC, FAAD
Dermatology Associates of Seattle