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Why Dermal Fillers?

At Dermatology Associates of Seattle, we use Dermal Fillers (aka Facial Fillers) for two primary purposes: cosmetic enhancement and age management. Today's culture is cosmetically oriented, making facial fillers, or dermal fillers a critical part of maintaining one's appearance. They provide immediate results with no downtime, and they can often be delivered in less than an hour. At Dermatology Associates of Seattle, we have extensive experience and will help you achieve the best results because we know how to use fillers in a way to enhance each's natural beauty while bringing out the very best facial qualities. If you're looking for a touchup in your face or would like to reverse the signs of aging, we provide among the best dermal and facial fillers Seattle and the Dermatology industry have to offer.

Dermal Fillers in Seattle

Cosmetic enhancement

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Dermal fillers for cosmetic enhancement is recommended when a patient wants to add or enhance some aspect of their facial appearance. As an example, perhaps a patient has cheekbones he or she feels are lacking in volume. By using a facial filler, our practitioners can create the perfect apples in the cheeks while simultaneously lifting the skin. This not only creates heightened cheekbones, but it also smoothes the surrounding skin for a more refreshed appearance .

Managing the signs of aging and facial stress?

As we get older, the collagen in our skin starts to break down. This breakdown contributes to wrinkles, fine lines, hollowed cheeks, and sagging jowls. To treat these conditions, facial fillers are used to restore one's youthful appearance. After decades in the cosmetic industry, our practitioners are alert to how volume loss affects each aspect of the face. This gives them the knowledge necessary to apply dermal fillers to restore youth without drastically altering your appearance. At the downtown Seattle clinic for Dermatology Associates, we use facial fillers to correct the following cosmetic issues:
Loss of volume in the cheeks
Sagging Jowls
Thin lips
Lack of definition in the jawline
Nasolabial folds or Smile Lines
Fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face and across the forehead
Vertical lines on the upper lip, also known as smoker's lines
Bags under the eyes

Which is the best approach for dermal fillers?

When patients come to our South Lake Union clinic for facial fillers, the approach we take is clinical, proactive, and involved, making the patient's goals our own goal. Treatments will not only be delivered by medically certified practitioners, but they will also be administered safely and pain-free being that our staff has decades of daily experience.

At Dermatology Associates of Seattle on South Lake Union, we believe patient peace of mind is critical to successful results. As a rule, we've made our facility a comfortable, safe place. The moment you walk in, you will notice that each aspect of the environment is aimed towards your successful treatment. From the office staff to the practitioners, to space itself, everything is built around you.

One of our priorities is patient education, allowing you to know everything about available procedures and how they can help. This will enable you to make an informed decision regarding your treatment, which is invaluable for a patient.

Which dermal fillers work the best?

There are many different types of facial fillers, and each one specializes in treating a specific part of the face. Not only that, but they also behave differently. This means different facial and dermal fillers will produce different results when applied to the same area of the face. Our practitioners have a complete understanding of how each filler interacts with the body, allowing them to use them in the proper fields. During your initial consultation for dermal fillers in Seattle, your practitioners will go over these different types and ensure you understand exactly what will be done.


Used in more than 15 million treatments worldwide, Restylane delivers lasting treatment for wrinkles throughout the face and is a safe and effective way to diminish fine lines around the mouth and nose when administered by a certified injection specialist. This popular injectable filler smooths the nasolabial folds or the lines that span from the base of the nose down to the corners of the mouth. This dermal filler also diminishes the appearance of marionette lines that run from the edges of the mouth down to the jawline. Some other common reasons our South Lake Union aesthetic patients opt for these dermal filler injections are for the correction of other aesthetic complaints such as sagging jowls, recessive chins, disappearing cheekbones, and under-eye bags.

Restylane®️ Silk

For those seeking fuller lips and reduced lip lines with a natural aesthetic result, Restylane Silk may be the perfect choice for those who desire more luscious lips. Do you dream of restoring a little pucker to your pout that has slowly disappeared as you've aged? Whether you were born with thin lips, have lips that don't match, or you've formed wrinkles around your mouth that have thinned them out over time, dermal fillers like Restylane Silk, an exciting new facial filler in downtown Seattle, can help restore fullness or add the dramatic effect you've looked for.


Sculptra is used to add volume to areas of the face to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles. Sculptra's FDA approval came through In 2009 for the correction of folds and wrinkles that form between the nose and the lip and the marionette lines between the lips and chin. The Sculptra filler is also used to minimize the appearance of some scars. Its effects are gradual and long-lasting. As you grow older, the collagen in your skin breaks down. This is due to the normal aging process and sun exposure over the years, resulting in wrinkling and sagging skin. The Sculptra filler replaces the collagen time strips away, gradually reviving your appearance without drastically altering it. Some of the cosmetic issues this popular anti-aging treatment is used to correct include smile lines, chin wrinkles, scarring, marionette lines, and hollow cheeks.

Revanesse®️ Versa

VersaTM is a remarkably homogenous filler due to advanced wet milling technology and proprietary formula. Its particles are uniquely spherical and uniform, providing the perfect balance between smoothness and volume. The spherical particle shape is developed to breakdown slowly over time. For added longevity, VersaTM exclusively uses premium quality HA with a notably high molecular weight. The VersaTM formula is designed to be balanced with the skin's natural water content, producing less swelling after injection and the high viscosity of VersaTM allows it to be quickly injected with a super fine needle.

What is the process for recieving dermal fillers?

The procedure itself is very simple. Your practitioner will apply the appropriate dermal filler through a series of precisely placed injections. Each injection is the result of the extensive training and experience that each of our practitioners has, allowing us to provide among the most professionally administered facial fillers Seattle offers. Through the entire procedure, every detail is taken into account, including the location and amount of each injection. The whole goal is to maintain your basic appearance while highlighting the natural contours of your face. The result is a naturally enhanced you.

What are the common side effects of dermal filler treatments?

Each patient will react differently to the injection process. Common side effects are potential bruising, tenderness, and swelling at the treatment site, which can last up to two weeks. You should refrain from the use of aspirin products, fish oil, and red wine a few days before your appointment to significantly reduce the likelihood and duration of side effects.

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