Procedures: THERMIva

What exactly is THERMIva?

THERMIva is Seattle's top-rated and most effective vaginal tightening therapy, which uses gentle radio frequency energy to stimulate the production of collagen. It also is used to shrink stretched tissues of the external labia and tighten the vagina.

Thermiva Treatment

The special device directs heat deep into tissues to encourage the natural production of collagen, which restores tone to the vagina and also relieves bladder leakage caused by lax muscle tone around the urethra. This treatment stimulates the internal structures which create moisture within the vagina, relieving one of the most common complaints of older women; vaginal dryness. This lack of lubrication results in painful intercourse which is emotionally stressful for both women and their partners. This treatment is a simple procedure and women are only now beginning to learn about the many benefits of this remarkable feminine rejuvenation treatment.

What happens during treatment?

The THERMIva procedure regulates the amount of heat delivered by the slightly curved thin electrode. It is specially designed for use in and around the vagina and is about the width of an index finger. It arrives in a sterile package and is not used on other patients, so there is no possibility of infection. There is no pain with this treatment, so once the patient is placed in a comfortable position, similar to the position of a normal gynecological exam, treatment begins. The electrode is passed over the external labial tissue first, with the temperature gradually increased to ensure the patient is comfortable. The heat generated is never too hot; most patients find the level similar to a hot stone massage treatment. The probe is then introduced into the vagina where the heat is directed all around, tightening tissues and stimulating the glands that naturally lubricate the vagina. Total treatment time is about 30 minutes, and once it is completed, patients can go about their usual activities including intercourse. Over the course of the following months, the effects continue to improve. Patients report ever increasing levels of satisfaction at each treatment session, as the collagen continues to build. As the initial provider of THERMIva in Seattle, we are delighted to see the therapy has produced better than expected results in our patients.

How Does THERMIva Work?

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Temperature-controlled radio frequency therapy has been used safely in the cosmetic industry for years. The ThermiVa works on the same principle, but collagen production, collagen remodeling and shrinkage of tissue occur not on the skin but intravaginally.

When controlled ThermiVa radio frequency heat is applied intravaginally with a gentle and smooth S-shaped probe, the vaginal tissues shrink and tightness is restored, sexual function is enhanced and symptoms associated with urinary leaking are reduced. The same “S” probe is used externally where immediate remodeling of the labia occurs. A woman’s self-confidence is positively affected and a sense of hope is restored.

How long does the THERMIva process take?

The THERMIva procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes, is pain-free and requires no downtime recovery. Patients can resume regular activity and sexual function on the same day. ThermiVa treatments are gentle, relaxing and feel like an internal, warm massage. The procedure is performed in a relaxing and private treatment room on a traditional massage table.The results both inside the pelvis and outside on the external genitalia are nothing short of remarkable.

What Does a THERMIva Treatment Feel Like?

Vagina Treatment

THERMIva treatments are gentle, relaxing and feel like an internal, warm massage. The procedure is performed in a relaxing and private treatment room on a traditional massage table. An “S” shape probe is used gently on external labia to improve appearance. The same “S” probe can be inside the vagina to reduce vaginal laxity, prolapse and incontinence. For orgasm dysfunction the ThermiVa treatment includes applying the “S” shape wand to the clitoral area to improve nerve sensitivity and sexual response.

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